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June 23, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Streaming

Question: Does your streaming work on Windows and Mac?
Answer: Yes. Always make sure you have the latest versions of the critical software needed to listen online. Always check your system for the lastest updates available for Internet Explorer, Window Media Player and Flash.

Question:  I don't hear anything! What's wrong?
It's possible the pop-up blocker you may be using might not allow the player to launch. This player "pops-up," so if you've blocked pop-ups, it's possible that you've blocked the tuner from opening. If you do have a pop-up blocker on your system, temporarily disable it or consult the directions found in your pop-up blocker "read me" file and make sure that the blocker is set NOT to block anything from If you are at work and can not access the online streaming of KTNN AM 660, your office may have firewalls installed for security reasons. Your IT Department will be able to let you know if this situation is present in your office.

Question: My tuner says "buffering" a lot and drops in and out. What's the deal?
Answer: If you are having connection or buffering problems, check your Internet connection speed, if possible. Slow connection speeds and unstable/old dial-up modems can cause the audio to "never" play or constantly buffer. If you are using a dial-up connection (modem), you will usually get varying connection speeds. Often, the speed is much faster than your 56k modem is capable of producing. We recommend calling your Internet Service Provider to inquire about the alternate dial-in numbers, or upgrading to high speed internet access when/if possible.

Question: Why do I hear different commercials or music on the internet streaming, when you're playing regular commercials over the actual airwaves on the radio?
Answer: Contracts with certain voice-over actors/talent and commercial production agencies prohibit us from playing our normal on-air radio commercials on the internet, so most of these are extracted from the stream. We then insert special ads into the stream so you don't hear dead air for minutes at a time. We sometimes play music, because... well, we're radio - and we like music.

Question: Why am I hearing your stream on a delay from the actual on-air broadcasts?
Answer: We send our regular on-air signal to a streaming company who then processes it and sends it out over the internet. This creates some delay. More delay is caused intentionally to allow the tuner a "buffer" which picks up scrambled bits and bites and then reassembles them so that it sounds as if nothing has been missed in the process. In other words, it creates less drop-out this way.

Question: Can I participate in on-air contests, I hear about through the on-line stream?
Answer: Station contests are open to listeners who reside within the Station's actual listening area, the Station's TSA (total survey area) as defined by Arbitron Inc. Station listeners via internet streaming should not participate in on-air contesting due to technical delay and geographic scope of the internet, unless otherwise specified.

Question: I've e-mailed you a question, comment, complaint or compliment and haven't heard back from you today or yesterday! Why not?
Answer: We wish we could respond to everyone immediately, please know that we do appreciate all feedback and we do try to get back to everyone eventually.

Question: How can I place a song request or a public service announcement?
Answer: Please use the provided contact box below to submit your request. 

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