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June 29, 2017

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Welcome to KTNN® Online.

Established as a Navajo Nation Enterprise in 1985, KTNN® is a commercial station that provides information and entertainment to the largest Native American Tribe in the United States. Our first broadcast was in February 1986. At that time former-President George H. Bush addressed the Navajo People and stated, the Navajo Nation has received the last granted 50,000 Watt license, KTNN AM-660®.

On a typical day, during daylight hours, the 50,000 Watt signal spans the entire Navajo Nation and beyond, which is the size of the state of West Virginia. At night, the clear signal can be heard along the Pacific Coastline, from as far north as the Canadian Borders to Mexico! We can be heard in 13 western states, allowing us to say we are "The Voice of the Navajo Nation"®.

With modern conveniences still lacking on the Navajo Nation and with the nearest grocery store or mall almost a day's drive away, KTNN® has become a travel companion. Making radio communication the primary source for everyday news for every Navajo family and having been regarded as such, KTNN® has deeply effected and touched the lives of many Navajos.

We deliver the latest news and information, along with music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ,and 365 days a year. Our dedicated and full-time news department , not only gives local news, but also allows time for state wide news coverage, for all states in the Four Corners Region (AZ, NM, UT, CO). Continuous public service announcements are made through out the day, these include: Chapter Meeting Updates, Traditional Ceremonies, Funeral Announcements, Livestock and Rodeo Reports, Weather every hour, a weekly NN Presidential address, Speaker of the NN Council address, and more!

A lot of effort is put into localizing the programming, mornings start at 4am and end at 11p each day. Our staff is fluent in both, English and Navajo, allowing for information to be relayed in both languages. This contributes to the wide youth audience, who do not understand the more "traditional" Navajo used by some of KTNN's announcers. With KTNN® implementing a daily feature titled "Navajo Word of the Day", this addresses KTNN's role in language preservation among our younger audience.

In conclusion, KTNN® plays an important role in every Navajo's Life. We share laughter, anger, and tears, and will continue to do so every day we are on the air. You can find us at 660 on your AM dial, or stay close to your computers, for KTNN's Online Streaming, and coming soon our sister station 96.1-FM KWRK's website.

Thanks to hard work from our dedicated staff, we are proud to present you with the KTNN® Online Site, so feel free to look around and come again soon!

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