June 29, 2017

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 KTNN®  operates and is managed as a commercial AM radio broadcast station operating continuously over a clear-channel radio signal at 50,000 Watts on 660 KHz.  Daytime broadcast covers much of the Four Corners area including the entire Navajo Nation, which compares in size to the state of West Virginia.

The nighttime broadcast signal covers the western region of the United States (see coverage map).  The strength of this AM signal is further demonstrated by confirmed receptions from Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Japan.  The strength of KTNN's signal is a credit to those who worked so diligently to obtain a 50,000 Watt license.

In earlier times, 50,000 Watt stations were issued to provide a means to reach those who lived in rural areas.  Since most of America was rural, this concept was excellent and certainly served its purpose well.  But times have changed prompting the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to halt issuing permits for super transmitters.  KTNN®  received the last 50,000 Watt permit to be issued in the entire country.

Many households in KTNN's listening area do not have access to cable television and those that do, receive "local" network stations originating from Albuquerque and Farmington, New Mexico, leaving a large void for information directly related to those living on and around the Navajo Nation.



 Times = MST/MDT
 E = English  /  N = Navajo
 Monday - Friday (except where noted)
 CNN News = Every hour at the :00
 Weather Update = Every hour at the :30


 5:40A  Livestock Report                      
 6:20A Bus Stop: Delays/Closures 
 6:40AN Bus Stop: Delays/Closures
7:03A  Morning News: Local 
7:15A  Morning News: Regional 
7:20A  Morning News: Focus 
7:25A Chapter News
7:28A  Navajo Word of the Day
7:35A Morning News: Local 
7:40A  Morning News: Regional
7:50A  Morning News: Focus 
8:20A  Bus Stop: School Info
8:35A Funeral Announcements
8:50A  Church Information
9:20A  Bus Stop: School Information
9:45A  Rodeo Report
10:15A  Community Calendar: PSAs
10:35A  Chapter Information
10:40A  Paid Announcements
11:20A N Ceremonial Events
11:40A  Ceremonial Events


12:03P        News Update
12:15P Sports Round Up 
12:40PN Bus Stop: School Updates
1:10P Community Calendar: PSAs
1:20P  Community Calendar: PSAs 
1:35P  Funeral Announcements
2:20P Ceremonial Events
2:40P  Ceremonial Events
3:20P Livestock Report 
3:40P N Lost & Found
3:45P Rodeo Report 
4:20P  Paid Announcements
4:40P Paid Announcements
5:03P  Evening News: Local
5:10P  Evening News: Regional
5:15P  Weather
5:20P  National Native News
5:25P  Sports Updates

KTNN Evening Show or Specialty Programming
Sunday, 5-7P        N   Navajo Culture and Tradition
Monday, 6-8P       E   Sports Round Up

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