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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Winter Break/GMCS,Gallup,NM. (School Announcements)
Location: GMCS,Gallup,NM

Planning Meeting/Iyanbito Chapter (Meeting)
Time: 9:00 AMLocation: Iyanbito Chapter

Community members please attend..

NN Brd. of Election Supervisors Reg. Meeting (Meeting)
Time: 9:00 AMLocation: Window Rock, Az.

The NN Brd of Election Supervisors regular meeting will be at the Dine' Education Center, Large Conference Room (2nd floor), WR, Az. Public is invited to attend.

Regular Meeting/Thoreau Chapter (Meeting)
Time: 9:00 AMLocation: Thoreau Chapter

Planning Meeting / Mariano Lake Chapter (Meeting)
Time: 1:00 PMLocation: Mariano Lake, NM

Please come to the meeting as important topics will be discussed such as: Scholarship application students do need to attend the meeting, Tractor to clear snow drifts, assistance with fire wood for elders and handicapped first priority as well as community members. If you should have questions please call 505.786.2182

Planning Meeting (Meeting)
Time: 3:00 PMLocation: Bahastl'ah Chapter

Planning meeting Bahastl'ah Chapter at 3pm January 2, 2013

Planning Meeting/Nenahnezad Chapter (Health/Wellness)
Time: 4:00 PMLocation: Nenahnezad Chapter

All registered community members are encouraged to attend.

Planning Meeting / Tsidi To'ii Chapter (Meeting)
Time: 4:00 PMLocation: Birdsprings, AZ

ABNDN Meeting/Many Farms Chapter House (Meeting)
Time: 5:30 PMLocation: Many Farms Chapter

Planning Meeting: Sawmill Chapter (Meeting)
Time: 5:30 PMLocation: Sawmill, AZ

For more information please call the Sawmill Chapter Administration at 928.729.4432/4433

Planning Meeting / Beclabito Chapter (Meeting)
Time: 5:30 PMLocation: Beclabito, AZ

Community members are welcome to attend.

Planning Meeting/Manuelito Chapter (Meeting)
Time: 5:30 PMLocation: Manuelito Chapter

Ch'ooshgai Community School Board of Education, Inc Meeting (School Announcements)
Time: 5:30 PMLocation: Tohatchi, New Mexico

Ch'ooshgai Community School Baord of Education, Inc. Regular School Board Meeting in Tohatchi, New Mexico on Thursday, January 3, 2012 at 5:30pm

Planning Meeting/Red Lake #18 Chapter (Meeting)
Time: 6:00 PMLocation: Red Lake #18 Chapter

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