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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Dinner/Toadlena/Two Greyhills Chapter (Public Event)
Location: Toadlena/Two Greyhills Chapter

Oak Springs Chapter Meeting/Christmas Dinner (Meeting)
Time: 8:00 AMLocation: Oak Springs Chapter

Thoreau Chapter Meeting/Christmas Dinner (Meeting)
Time: 9:00 AMLocation: Thoreau Chapter House

Community Dinner will also be taking place on the same day following the meeting. Thoreau Community Members are invited to the dinner.

14th Annual ABNDN Christmas Dinner/Many Farms Chapter (Public Event)
Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Location: Many Farms Chapter House

Azee'Yee Naha Laha and ABNDN members are welcome... District # 10- Chinle, Nazlini, Cottonwood, Many Farms and Rough Rock Chapter..

Christmas Dinner/Becenti Chapter (Meeting)
Time: 9:00 AMLocation: Becenti Chapter House

Kin Dah Lichii Chapter Community Christmas Dinner (Meeting)
Time: 10:00 AMLocation: Kin Dah Lichii Chapter

Community member welcome for a funfill day. Storytelling, jokes, games and many more.

Hardrock Chapter Meeting/Community Dinner (Meeting)
Time: 10:00 AMLocation: Hardrock Chapter House

Oljato Regular Chapter Meeting (Meeting)
Time: 10:00 AMLocation: Oljato Welcome Center

Also Community Christmas Dinner.

Leupp Chapter-Regular Chapter Meeting (Meeting)
Time: 12:00 PMLocation: Leupp Chapter House

Coyote Canyon Christmas Dinner (None)
Time: 12:00 PMLocation: Coyote Canyon Chapter

All Committee Members are Welcome..

Regular Chapter Meeting/Sawmill Chapter (Meeting)
Time: 1:00 PMLocation: Sawmill Chapter House

Christmas Dinner will be at 1:00 pm on 12/22/13.

Tiis Tsoh Sikaad(Burnham)Chapter Meeting (Meeting)
Time: 1:00 PMLocation: Tiis Tsoh Sikaad(Burnham)Chapter

1st Annual Christmas Light Parade/Teec Nos POs Chapter Government (Public Event)
Time: 5:00 PMLocation: Teec Nos Pos Chapter Government

If interested in entering a float please contact Teec Nos Pos Chapter at (928)656-3662.

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